Man gives wife’s bedroom space to pregnant girlfriend

Court divorce 2014
Court divorce 2014

A LUSAKA woman narrated in the Matero Local Court how she was made to sleep in the sitting room by her husband who invited his pregnant girlfriend to take up her place in the couple’s bedroom.
Anna Sense, 25, of Mandevu told the court that Alfred Chomba, 38, was a promiscuous man to a point where he even invited one of his many girlfriends to move in their house while she was at her parents’ house, just after giving birth.
This prompted Sense to sue Chomba for divorce. The couple has been married for three years and have a child together.
Fearing that Chomba might even end up infecting her with HIV or beating her to death as he was violent, Sense pleaded with the court to grant the divorce.
“Our relationship was not bad when we just got married. Problems started when he started having girlfriends, to a point of making one of them pregnant,” she lamented.
The matter was before senior court magistrates Lewis Mumba and Pauline Newa.
She told the court that she was only alerted about his habit of taking women to their house by a neighbour.
She said efforts by the family to reconcile the two failed as Chomba did not change his ways.
But Chomba pleaded with the court not to grant divorce because he still loved his wife.
He also admitted having extra-marital affairs though he was a changed man who had also stopped taking alcohol.
“When the family sat us down, I confessed my wrongs and promised to change which I have,” he said.
But the court did not heed his plea and granted divorce. Chomba was ordered to pay K4,000 to Sense as compensation.


Zambia Daily Mail