I won’t leave niece’s husband – woman

Lusaka High Court

A WOMAN admitted before a Lusaka local court about her affair with her niece’s husband.
Before Chilenje Local Court senior magistrate Prudence Mulenga was Elina Mwembe, 28, of Chilenge who sued her aunt, Kitu Daka, 27, for insulting her.
Mwembe, who was close to tears, pleaded with her aunt to stop insulting her as well as discontinue her affair with her husband.

“Are there no other men apart from my husband? Please auntie, leave my husband for me. Why can’t you let me have a happy marriage,” she complained.
Mwembe told the court that it’s unfortunate that Daka has vowed not to end the intimate relationship she has with Mwemba’s husband.
However, Daka said Mwembe’s husband was the one who usually pursues her.
“I have tried to tell her husband to leave me alone but he does not listen to me. He even jumps on public transport just to pursue me,” she said.
On the insults, Daka said Mwemba was the one who insulted her first.

The court wondered why Daka could sink so low as to start dating her niece’s husband.
“Even the Bible does not allow having sexual relationship with relatives. What’s wrong with you? Why are you doing that to your own niece?” The court asked.
The court ordered Daka to compensate Mwembe with K2,000 to save as punishment for having an affair with her niece’s husband.


Zambia Daily Mail


  1. Abeg!! Too bad for that woman bt i doubt if she wil eva be happy wit that man, he is good for nothing.