President Edgar Chagwa Lungu
President Edgar Chagwa Lungu

There has been a lot of blame directed at our Four months old President and I find this unjustified and annoying. UNIP under the leadership of President Kenneth Kaunda spent stayed twenty seven years in Power, MMD under the leadership of three Presidents stayed in power for twenty years and PF under the leadership of two Presidents has stayed in leadership just under four years. It is so strange that people can begin to blame the current President for Zambia’s perceived economic woes.

The level of hatred directed at President Lungu cannot go unchallenged. It is so sad that even some of the clergy in the nation have joined frustrated political opponents who have nothing to offer the country to heap blame on President Lungu. It is very clear that it is those with ambition to lead the country that are capitalizing on President Lungu intelligent approach in leading the nation to interpret it as failure. The kwacha is slowly getting strengthened and yet the blind opponent’s quest for the blame game continues.


It is because of not having people with genuine heart for the nation that instead of making progress, we pull the nation backward. One wonders how one can claim to love the people of Zambia when you can stop investors from coming to invest till you become a leader. This is short shortsightedness and how do you think God will give such a person the responsibility to oversee the whole nation? President Lungu has so far done well and I urge responsible Zambians to give him all the support.


Whether we like it or not Zambia is our land and country and therefore it is important that we support the efforts of all elected leaders. Let us behave in a matured way and take responsible decisions. Yes we can criticize where necessary and where credit is due, let us give it without malice. Those who aspire to become leaders, my advice is that let us debate on constructive issues than to engage in talks about the innocent daughter of the president.


This is cheap politics and cannot help the nation. Visiting of markets is should be left to market chairmen. Let us tackle real issues that affect the whole nation such us the reduction of poverty, industrialization, reducing levels of corruption, service delivery and stabilizing the economy which I think President Lungu has done well so far. We also have to look at how to raise the morale levels among civil servants as without this reducing corruption levels will be a forgotten issue. We cannot allow administrators to delay salaries without notice as this is recipe for unfair criticism at the Head of State. Let us work to make Zambia a better place for all of us.


Authored by Pastor Charles Chanda

Missionary to South Africa