Kambwili should face the President than express his frustrations in public

Chishimba Kambwili
Chishimba Kambwili

Out spoken, Chilufya Tayali says the Information Minister, Hon Chishimba Kambwili should confront President Edgar Lungu about party politics issues rather than expressing his frustrations in public.

This comes after Kambwili openly rejected the adoption of Dora Siliya into the party. He said he would rather sell his soul  to the devil than accept Siliya as a PF candidature.
“Hon. Chishimba Kambwili should know better on how to express his displeasures in the party. He is a not just a senior member of the PF, but one of the founder members, a Minister, a Government spokesperson. Surely such responsibilities requires one to tame his emotions and vocal,”
“Hon. Kambwili should not be expressing his frustrations in the party in the public. He should be courageous enough to go and face President Lungu head-on in State House. Kambwili has access to the President so why talk in public,” Tayali posted on Facebook.


“He can also talk directly to the Secretary General and vice versa. It is also jejune to be using the name of Sata to reject others, because Sata embraced even those who said bad things like Sylvia Masebo. Kambwili must also remember “Chimbu munshololwa” Frank Bwalya,”
“On the other hand I am concerned with the re-adoption of candidates who had had their seats nullified by the courts. While the law is weak on that, political parties should not take advantage. Political integrity is a good values to characterize political legacy,” he added.


  1. The problem I am having with may people is their inability to read the handwriting on the political life life of the nation between now and 2016 elections. Some political parties will cease to exist whilst others will benefit from the extinction of others. There is yet more to unfold and I pity with those with small hearts

  2. y should dora join pf and contest by election so easily after all she did to pf?its the President who should have told dora to apologise than using the power that be to bring confusion in pf.there so many people who are not happy about doras issue in pf and the suporters of sata countrywide who put Edgar on that seat. let the President tell bora to apologise finish.