Let us love each other beyond the political divide-Lubinda

Given Lubinda , Minister of Agriculture
Given Lubinda (Former Minister of Agriculture

“As a Catholic, I feel rejuvenated each time I visit holy places in Rome especially the Sistine Chapel,” says Zambia’s minister of Agriculture and Livestock, Given Lubinda. The minister was recently in Rome, Italy for engagements with the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) as well as with the World Food Programme (WFP).


In an interview with Vatican Radio’s Fr. Paul Samasumo and speaking on a personal note as a Catholic, Lubinda said, “I am delighted that the team (at the Zambian Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock) when they were doing the programme for my stay in Rome managed to find a morning for me to visit the Vatican city. This morning I was in the Sistine chapel and it’s always a fantastic feeling to be there, “he said.
The Zambian minister described his visit to the Vatican’s holy places as a revitalising pilgrimage. He asserted that the Christian faith should spur believers, “to work towards uplifting the quality of life of our neighbour. Let us wear spectacles that make us see others before we see ourselves. Let us see the less privileged in our societies. We should follow the teaching of the Holy Father, Pope Francis, on sharing and sharing genuinely,” he added.
Addressing himself to Zambian society, in particular, minister Lubinda said that every Zambian has a duty and responsibility to build a one united Zambia.
“To my fellow Zambians, I would say, let us love each other beyond the political divide…and beyond the tribal divide; let us build one united Zambia that we can all treasure and cherish,” said Lubinda.