Dandy Crazy sues Sunga man

Dandy Crazy
Dandy Crazy

KITWE based musician Wesley Chibambo popularly known as ‘Dandy Crazy’, has sued a fellow musician for allegedly claiming he initiated him into Satanism.

Mr Chibambo has also filed an injunction against Andrew Sunga popularly known as ‘Sunga man’, restraining him from publishing defamatory materials.
According to a statement of claim in the Kitwe High court, Mr Chibambo said Mr Sunga falsely and maliciously spoke and published a video that circulated on social media that he initiated him into Satanism.
Mr Chibambo said the words in their natural and ordinary meaning in the video caption meant that the plaintiff was an evil, satanic, dissolute and profligate character.
He said the words further meant that he was unfit to associate with respectable persons and that the video also meant that, as a musician, his music had the propensity to cast spells and demons on his fans and clients.

Mr Chibambo said the words in the video greatly injured his credit, character and reputation and that it had brought hatred, ridicule, contempt and had deprived him of fame.
He said because of the same video, fans and business partners had stopped inviting him to perform at functions and ceased to be friendly with him.
Mr Chibambo said the words and the video were clearly calculated to disparage him in his music artistry and business.
He has asked the court to award him special damages for loss of earnings from his weekly musical performances at K20, 000 per week with effect from April 1 this year.





  1. He has done well so that malicious men pay.. Am sure those who hire Sunga did not expect this…

  2. This is the first time I’m hearing someone being sued for what he said during a deliverance session. It will be interesting to see what the courts will say about this. Cliff Goma Pst Kingsley Omeonu Moses Chibuye

    • and a word of wisdom to sunga,it was the demon who said those words,he is wasnt aware he was saying those things.let him just deny the allegation.let dandy sue the demons