Green Party Leader, Sinkamba castigates Milupi

Peter Sinkamba, President Green Party of Zambia
Peter Sinkamba, President Green Party of Zambia

Green Party President Peter Sinkamba says the statement by ADD Leader Charles Milupi to have President Edgar Lungu impeached is a useless academic exercise that can not succeed.

Mr. Sinkamba says Mr. Milupi knows what it takes to impeach the president and wonders why he made such a blank statement.

Mr. Sinkamba explains that for the motion of impeaching the President to go through, more than three quarters of MPs have to vote in favor of the motion and wonders where the opposition will get the numbers to impeach the president.

He says even if the motion is taken to the floor of the house, it cannot go through and that is why he says Mr. Milupi is not factual about his statement.

And Governance Activist Maurice Malambo says there is nothing wrong for President Lungu to make modifications to the current budget.

Mr. Malambo recalls that on two occasions the MMD government also modified the budget and no one condemned that move.

He says budgetary matters are not an impeachable offence and that Mr. Milupi’s sentiments are misplaced.