REA to electrify 400 grass thatched houses in Mwansabombwe


The Rural Electrification Authority (REA) is targeting to electrify 400 grass thatched houses in Mununshi village of Mwansabombwe district in Luapula province.

REA Senior Distribution Development Engineer Nason Musonda said the identified grass thatched houses will have power through the central transformer under the household service connection programme.

Mr. Musonda said the grass thatched houses will be connected to the national grid free of charge but prepaid metres will be installed thereafter so that users could be buying units according to their required quantities.

He said the selected grass thatched houses will be electrified under the Mununshi grid extension project at a cost of K1 million.

Mr. Musonda further said the project involves building a 0.3 kilometres (km) of 33kv power line and 7 km line of 400 volts to supply two villages and two schools in Mwansabombwe district.

He named the villages as Mununshi and Kazembe, Mukumbwa secondary and Chilange primary schools.

And Mr. Musonda has said over 180 grass thatched houses have been earmarked for electrification in Chavuma district in North-western province.