Luwingu woman jailed for naming teacher Satanist

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—–A 26-year-old woman of location compound was on Friday last week slapped with a six months suspended sentence for naming Luwingu Secondary School head teacher as a Satanist.

Appearing before Davy Simfukwe was Emelder Mwelwa of Location Compound charged with one count of naming a person as a witch contrary to Section 3 (a) of the Witchcraft Act Chapter 90 of the Laws of Zambia.

A group of women chased the school head teacher, Andrew Chipili, from the hospital ward where he went to visit the school girl who is a relative of Ms after Mwelwa shouted that teachers at Luwingu Secondary School were practicing Satanism and it was the reason many pupils were falling sick from time to time.

The visibly annoyed head teacher reported the matter to police who arrested Ms Mwelwa for calling him a Satanist before the matter was brought to court.

Mr Simfukwe issued the suspended sentence because the accused was the first offender but the sentence would serve as deterrent measure to would be perpetrators of such offences.

Meanwhile, Mr Chipili dispelled rumours that he refuses pupils conducting prayers at the school because the prayers were not in good faith.