Luwingu hospital runs out of essential drugs

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— A critical shortage of drugs has hit Luwingu District Hospital.

District Community Development, Mother and Child Health Medical Officer, Ernest Mutale, disclosed the development during a management meeting held in the district administrative officer’s office yesterday.

Dr Mutale said the Medical Stores has only been supplying Panadol, condoms and ARVs to the district and regretted that other essential drugs have not been supplied.

He said the picture on the ground regarding drugs is serious as Medical Stores has only been supplying essential drugs such as antibiotics and those for high blood pressure.

Dr Mutale said the situation is so serious that it needed urgent attention before lives are lost due non availability of essential medicine.

Meanwhile, Luwingu District Hospital has suffered a setback as two medical doctors have left the district to pursue further studies and for a greener pasture elsewhere leaving the district with only one doctor.

Dr Mutale appealed to the government through the office of the District Commissioner to help the hospital acquire more doctors to alleviate the problem that has hit the health institution.