Uncle arrested for incest

Police IG Libongani
Police IG Libongani

POLICE in Mansa have detained a 28-year-old man of Sumbu village in Chief Kalasa-Lukangaba’s area for alleged incest.
Luapula Province deputy commissioner of Police Webby Shula named the suspect as Kelvin Chitembeya, who is being held in connection with the pregnancy of his 17-year-old niece.
Mr Shula said the incident occurred between November 10 and 30 last year when the suspect and the victim were living in the same house.
“We have detained Kelvin Chitembeya in connection with an incest case. The case was reported to police by the suspect’s sister, Petronella Kabwe, of the same abode,” he said.
Mr Shula said Chitembeya allegedly took advantage of his niece because they were living in the same house.
He said the suspect would wake up at night and go to the room where the girl was sleeping and have canal knowledge of her.
Mr Shula further stated that the victim could not disclose to anyone until on March 10 when guardians became suspicious that she was pregnant.
He said the suspect allegedly warned the victim that she would face serious consequences if she disclosed to anyone.
Meanwhile, in what is suspected to be suicide, a body of a man believed to be in his 30’s was on Friday discovered hanging on a tree in a bush near a named lodge in Choma.

Southern Province commissioner of police Mary Chikwanda identified the deceased as Lawrence Kasanga, who is believed to have come from Mapanza area.
Ms Chikwanda said the man’s body was discovered by passersby between 06:00 hours and 18:00hours.
“We received a suspected suicide case in which Mr Lawrence Kasanga of unknown residence suspected to have come from Mapanza was found hanging onto a tree in the bush near a lodge in Choma.
The man aged between 30 and 34 was a tenant at Mr Johan Tololi’s house in Chandamali township in Choma,” she said.
Ms Chikwanda said the body is in Choma General Hospital mortuary.
Meanwhile, in a suspected murder case, a body of a man of Gwembe who was last seen on a drinking spree last Wednesday night has been discovered a few metres from his home.
Ms Chikwanda said the body of Abel Nkausu of Chinundwe village was discovered on Friday.
She said police suspect Mr Nkausu could have been murdered because he was found bleeding from the nose.
“Dennis Hachoma, a teacher of Mwiinga Malivwa Community School reported that his cousin Abel Nkausu of Chinundwe village in Chief Ufwenuka in Monze was found dead near his house.
“The body had no cuts or bruises but was bleeding from the nose,” Ms Chikwanda said.
“The man was last seen on March 11 this year around 20:00hours on his way for beer drinking,” she said.


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