Constitution referendum in 18 months is possible – Simusamba

Kuchunga Edwin Simusamba
Kuchunga Edwin Simusamba

The opposition UPND says as a government in waiting it still supports the need for Zambia to have a new Constitution that is people driven.
The UPND has also maintained that the country’s new supreme law must be adopted through a referendum and not through parliament.
In a statement to Qfm News UPND Deputy Secretary General for politics Kuchunga Simusamba has observed that failure to complete an important national project such as the current constitution making process in the five years that the ruling PF has been in power will be a sign of lack of competence and skills.

Mr. Simusamba says it is in his party’s considered view that only an irresponsible government can major on the time it has lost when it still has 18 months of its mandate to fulfill.
He states that his party is also of the view that what is lacking is not the financial resource but the political will to see the project through.
The UPND Deputy Secretary General says this is especially that it is a well known fact that some donor countries have committed to fund the cost of the referendum should the Zambian government ask for it.
He notes that the UPND does not further think that the question of reaching a 50 percent referendum threshold can arise.
Mr. Simusamba says his party is totally convinced that this feat can be achieved as it believes that the challenge of voter fatigue can be overcome by investing more energy in explaining the benefits of the new constitution to the electorates.