Woman jailed for stealing electricity

illegal electricity connections
illegal electricity connections

THE Ndola Magistrate’s Court has sentenced a 39-year-old woman of Kawama township to 10 months simple imprisonment for illegally connecting electricity to her house.
Magistrate Eston Kafunyi on Tuesday convicted and jailed Gloria Musonda of house number 52171 after she pleaded guilty to fraudulent appropriation of power.
Passing the sentence, Mr Kafunyi said acts of by-passing Zesco pre-paid meters are on the increase in Ndola.

He said it is the duty of the courts to deter would-be offenders by imposing custodial sentences.
Musonda on dates unknown but between December 23 last year and February 26 this year in Ndola, fraudulently and unlawfully diverted electricity power to her house by  by-passing a Zesco prepaid meter.
In mitigation, Musonda pleaded with the court to exercise leniency on her because she is a mother and her children are school going.

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