Mumba determined to re-uniting MMD

Nevers Mumba in Mangango
Nevers Mumba in Mangango

MMD President Nevers Mumba says his political opponents have continued to fabricate negative stories about him.

Dr Mumba says he will not waste time responding to such negative stories, but will concentrate on uniting the MMD.

He states that the new hope MMD will still stand firm and ensure that healing takes place in the party.

Dr Mumba adds that the MMD will continue to offer checks and balances to the government.

Meanwhile Dr. Mumba says the move by former MMD Senga Hill Member of Parliament Kapembwa Simbao to join the ruling Patriotic Front will have no bearing on the former ruling party.

Dr. Mumba has told Qfm news in an interview that Mr. Simbao has his own reasons for leaving the MMD for the PF.




  1. Mr Mumba MMD has no future itself better you form your own party maybe it will work.