President Lungu warns politicians

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—President Edgar Lungu has warned politicians from politicizing the incident which occurred in Mutendere compound in Lusaka where a man died after being attacked by criminals.


President Lungu who singled out United Party for National Development leader Hakainde Hichilema warned that he will not tolerate provocation, saying what the opposition leader was doing instigates political violence.


President Lungu stated that what happened in Mutendere recently where a life was lost should not be considered as political violence because doing so was inciting violence.


He was speaking when he commissioned rural electrification project in Luangeni village in Paramount Chief Mpezeni’s area in Chipata district yesterday, where a grass thatched house was lit under the Rural Electrification Authority (REA) project.


Mr Lungu noted that identifying people by tribe or political affiliation when they fight should come to an end as doing so was fuelling violence between the aggrieved parties, adding that as republican President he will not tolerate that.


He stated that the police have a duty to investigate an incident when it occurs saying pushing them to hurriedly arrest culprits poses a danger of arresting an innocent person whose case may end up in acquittal hence the need to give them ample time to investigate before they apprehend suspects.

The Head of State said what happened in Mutendere was unfortunate and that politicians should not politicize the issue adding that as President he will not shield criminals but endeavour to protect all citizens whether from UPND, PF and any other political parties.


Mr Lungu has since given a directive to the Police to do its work and arrest all criminals including those that were grabbing land from rightful owners.


“When you start discriminating by calling people by tribe, race, colour and political affiliation and religious inclinations then you are instigating people to rise against one another when they tend to disagree,” he stressed.


He said it is his duty to protect citizens but will not tolerate those who wish to break the law with impunity saying as citizens everyone should respect the law.


The president has also cautioned the media from negative reporting which fuel violence among the citizen.


Mr Lungu said time for politicking is over and he advised those that lost the elections to join him in acceleration development in the country.

He said there is need for political parties to wait for 2016 to do campaigns because he was ushered in office and now was the time to heal from political campaigns and foster to develop in the country.


He thanked people of Luangeni constituency for being peaceful during the January 20, presidential polls adding that he is in the province to celebrate the Ncwala traditional ceremony slated for today and take advantage of the occasion to commission the electrification project under REA.


He stated that his government will continue to work hard and ensure all rural parts of the country are lit so that children in such areas also enjoy the benefit of studying at home.


He further said for 50 years the people have been waiting for electricity which the PF government has provided in three years a gesture which has shamed the critics.


He stated that roads are also being done to benefit the locals to live meaningful lives.


President Lungu is in Eastern province to grace Ncw’ala traditional ceremony of the Ngoni people held at Mutenguleni in Chipata district today.