Government spearheads development of ICTs

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Government spearheads development of ICTs


Lusaka, February 28,ZANIS—- Transport, Works, Supply and Communications Minister Yamfwa Mukanga says government has  prioritized the development  of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT)sector as it has the potential to contribute to the economic development  of the country.


Mr Mukanga said government is currently developing the national ICT strategic and implementation plan in order to provide affordable, reliable and efficient access to services using ICTs.


He said government also intends to increase access and promote widespread deployment of ICT infrastructure for service delivery through the expansion of the country’s telecommunications infrastructure covering the whole country.


The Minister said this during the official opening of the Zambia ICT and Pay Expo and Forum (ICTP) in Lusaka yesterday.


Mr Mukanga further said government has also embarked on the e-governance project which has culminated in the formation of various ICT initiatives across the government ministries.


He said his Ministry has managed to interconnect all ministries in Lusaka under Phase 1 for the government Wide Area Network(GWAN) project  to increase efficiency and transparency in the delivery of services.


Mr Mukanga has since called on both private and public institutions to embrace ICT developments such as the electronic payment systems to improve on their efficiency, transparency and productivity.


And Africast Exhibition Management, Managing Director Chimwemwe Nyirenda said the ICT and Pay Expo is meant to promote and show case developments and innovations in the ICT sector.


Mr Nyirenda said there is need to keep abreast with the changing environment through the sharing of knowledge and exchanging of ideas.