Police surround Mutembo Nchito’s home, goes into hiding

Mutembo Nchito
Mutembo Nchito
 The impending arrest of Zambia’s Director of Prosecution (DPP) has taken a new twist.

In order to enforce a warrant of arrest issued by a Lusaka Magistrate Court, Police visited and surrounded Mutembo Nchito’s home who remains unavailable and has gone into hiding.

Once arrested, Mutembo Nchito is expected to be availed before the magistrate court where he could apply for bail or discontinue the matter in his capacity as DPP.

It is yet to be seen how this developing matter will end as the DPP is said to be planning to avail himself to the Police on Thursday but while in court enter a Nolle Prosequi ( a discontinuation of the court process) claiming that only his office is allowed or constitutionally mandated to prosecute any criminal matter in the courts of law.

The DPP might also cite constitutional security of tenure and protection he enjoys under the law.

Lawyers for Newton Nguni who is the complainant and has since laid 11 charges are expected to argue that the DPP (Nchito) has allegedly committed criminal offences and he is not above the law and should instead recuse himself, declare interest and allow the due process of the law to take effect.

Emmanuel Mwamba