Zambia will pursue global peace – Lungu


Republican President Edgar Lungu has pledged that Zambia will play a big role in promoting peace across the African region and beyond.

Speaking during a meeting with Diplomats accredited to Zambia at State House this afternoon, President Lungu says Zambia is concerned that some countries are engulfed with conflicts.

President Lungu says Zambia will always be there to promote peace and unity in the region and beyond.

Mr Lungu states that the UN Security Council reforms are not only important for the African Union but also to the government of Zambia and the people.

President Lungu told the Diplomats that Zambia will May host the Committee of ten (C10) summit in its quest to advance the consensus which seeks to ensure that African is equitably represented in the UN Security Council.

He adds that the issues of regional and continental integration are of great importance to Zambia and anticipates that significant progress will be made towards integration of regional economic community as a vehicle towards Africa’s economic integration.

And President Lungu has observed that Zambia has done well in terms of meeting the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) because of the efforts made by the international community.

And President Edgar Lungu says his administration will strive to strengthen interaction and partnership with the international community guided by the revised foreign policy launched in October 2014.

President Lungu says his administration will continue to aggressively pursue a foreign policy that will enhance economic cooperation, and promote trade and investment with the international community.

Mr Lungu says in this regard, Zambia will pursue strategic partnerships that will be in line with the country’s national interests, including attracting foreign direct investment in key economic areas.

He states that Zambia will therefore play an active role in strengthening regional economic communities in order to encourage intra-Africa trade and at the global level,promote fair trade through multilateral trade agreements.

President Lungu adds that the PF Government has also recognized the importance of engaging the diaspora, and that for this reason government has embarked on the process of developing a comprehensive diaspora policy to guide the nation in its interaction with Zambians living abroad.

Speaking at the same event, Dean of the Diplomatic Corp Attala Qubia thanked Zambians for showing democratic values by holding fair and peaceful elections.

Mr. Qubia, who is also Pakistan Ambassador to Zambia, wished President Lungu success in office and hopes that the relationship between Zambia and other countries under his term will be momentous.

And Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba clarified that the meeting between the Head of State and the Diplomats was supposed to take place in January as per tradition but could not take place because of the happenings in the country.


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