2)–Western province records high GBV cases

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Western Province has recorded an increase in the number of Gender Based Violence (GBV) cases.

Young Women Christian Association (YWCA) Regional Coordinator Sandra Maputa disclosed to ZANIS in an interview today that the province had recorded 1,118 cases between and January and December 2014.


This is in comparison to 905 GBV cases recorded in 2013.


Mrs Maputa disclosed that the increase was by 23 percentage points.

Mrs. Maputa added that the increase in GBV cases could be attributed to increased sensitization which has led to GBV victims reporting the cases.

She noted that previously GBV cases were not brought forward due to lack of sensitization.

Meanwhile, Mrs Maputa has further disclosed that the YWCA was constructing a shelter for GBV victims who cannot fend for themselves.


The shelter is being constructed  along the Mongu-Lusaka road .

She pointed out that the YWCA offers counseling and financial support to victims through entrepreneurship skills in order for them to sustain their lives.