Dear Zambians, thank you for your courage for “Mugabe to go” – Nomazulu Thata

President Edgar Lungu with Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe during his Inauguration Ceremony at Heroes Stadium in Lusaka on January 25,2015 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA
President Edgar Lungu with Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe during his Inauguration Ceremony at Heroes Stadium in Lusaka on January 25,2015 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA

By Nomazulu Thata,


Dear Zambians, thank you for your courage, you are an inspiration to the majority of the Zimbabwean population. We watched the video of the 24thJanuary 2015 on Nehanda TV with utter most surprise and bewilderment, where did you get the courage to tell Mugabe to go?

Just that sentence: Mugabe must go, sent volumes of messages to us, you were telling us we must do something about the political situation in our country Zimbabwe.

You have given us the courage and telling us we can also do it to tell a despot like Mugabe to go, in his face, my God he was embarrassed! My God you are courageous! You did it yourselves in Zambia on several occasions, you sent despots packing if they did not deliver to the nation. Courage is in your DNA.

Mugabe must go! Thank you very much dear Zambians. It is not the first time you came to our rescue in removing despots.

You supported our liberation struggle to remove racist Ian Douglas Smith. You are again telling us to do more and remove Mugabe from the reign he assumed by manipulating the liberation struggles and the leadership of Zanu to be where he is now.

The whole truth will still come out how he managed to get the leadership of Zanu so as to make Zanu a tribal cliché that butchered thousands of citizens of Mathebeleland and Midlands before and after independence.

Rugare Gumbo is telling us that VP Mnangagwa is a terrorist. We were also told that Joyce Mujuru never shot down the enemy plane she purported to have shot down. We are also told that Mugabe and Tekere were escorted by the Rhodesian Special Branch on their crossing to Mozambique before independence.

Didymus Mutasa was sent to England with the assistance of the Rhodesia Front! We get all this unasked from the social media. In a short space of time we shall be knowing all that transpired in Mozambique in the liberation struggle of Zanu PF.

Who died of a true car accident and who was killed by the notorious CIOs? Was the fire that killed General Mujuru a real candle in the wind, a candle that just burnt out long before?

Right now they are still butchering citizens of all tribes and races: even the people of Mashonaland are now their enemy from within because they dared to say we cannot continue to be ruled by a small self-serving elite of Zanu people who have caused serious mismanagement in the running of the country that was a jewel of Africa once upon a time.

Mugabe must go! Thank you very much citizens of Zambia, for giving us the courage of tell Mugabe to go. We are going to take this on board and indeed we are going to shout on top of the mountains and let the despot know that we are tired of his misrule and all the people he has butchered ever since he assumed power from racist Ian Douglas Smith in 1980.

For your own information: dear Zambians, this Mugabe wants his wife to take over the reign of power before or after his death. His wife is causing serious humanitarian problems in Mazowe by rendering 200 villagers to be squatters in their own land because she needs the land for animals to get money from tourism to feed 180 orphans.


Does that make sense? Prior to this she went on a country tour: among other places, she arrived in Matebeleland where she, because of her word choices, we felt urinated on us by her utterances. The callousness of her greediness to strip villagers of their land is beyond all description. What this woman is doing is pure barbarism and satanic.

We are left powerless by the greed this woman called First Lady of the Republic of Zimbabwe is displaying. She is reducing the most vulnerable people in our beloved country to be homeless squatters at a time when the rains are so heavy, they will lose out farming altogether, so it means they will starve to death, that Zanu government will care less.

The mentality of the Bwanas you fought against in Zambia is here in Zimbabwe, black ones, black Bwanas doing exactly the same way the white Bwanas in North Rhodesia treated you before independence.

Mugabe must go! Thank you very much fellow Africans, dear Zambians for your courage to tell us that we cannot be silent and get cowed by a callous regime of Zanu PF. That was a show down to emulate from you, dearest neighbors. I love you for this, forever.

You are true Africans, dear Zambians. I thank you for accepting those white farmers that were sacked from Zimbabwe like sub-humans, you gave them humanity and they are producing in Zambia so that there are no food insecurities in the land of Zambia.

Those farmers are even producing more than enough to sell to the rest of Zimbabwe because Zimbabwe has serious food insecurities, how inward looking can a country be, a Zimbabwe we fought for, to experience starvation again because of gross mismanagement by the Zanu government, totally clueless.

Mugabe must go! Your wisdom and courage is enviable dear Citizens of Zambia. We are proud of you, thank you for putting sense in our heads. You have done this before, and you are doing it again, to tell us that we must take to the streets and fight for our rights in the land without fear.

When enough is enough we shall take to the streets of Harare and Bulawayo and shout out in the same way as you did, for that what we know it belongs to us: freedom and be part of that national cake that is feeding a few at the moment. Bear with us dear citizens of Zambia; it is a question of timing and the right moment.

Mugabe must go! You Zambians are one of the few countries that have managed to exemplary live together as one nation despite numerous ethnic groups. We envy this development in you dear Zambians.

We could have done the same too but it was this Zanu government that thrived on tribalism from the word go, in the first elections of 1980. But all ethnic groups have now realized the poisonous aspects of tribalism and it impedes development and divisiveness in societies of Zimbabwe.

We are a polarized nation because the government feeds on tribalism to sustain itself somehow. Thank God it is no longer buying. We cannot even buy the anti-western rhetoric anymore, because we can see through them.

As you can see I cannot possibly thank you enough for telling us that we should take up arms against the Zanu regime and change. At the right moment we shall indeed take to the streets of Harare and Bulawayo and dance toi toi, the language they will never forget!


  1. Those protesting were not there when Cde Bob GabrielMugabe, was igthting for Independence. Forgive them for they know not.

  2. Let zimbabweans determine their own destiny!..those idots protestin were not zambians but renagde zimbabweans resident in zambia we do’t behave like that 2visitin heads of state..never!

  3. Which majority of Zimbabweans? Cde Mugabe was voted to stay in power by the majority of Zimbabweans.

  4. Zambians Are Known By Peace,,they Couldn’t Do This These Must B……….But This Is So Bad..

  5. I personally don’t think those were Zambians and strongly suspect they were Zimbabweans living in Zambia. Zambians would never behave like that to a guest.