2)–Govt urged to repair Namwala embankment road

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Govt urged to repair Namwala embankment road

Namwala, February 4, 2015, ZANIS– Namwala residents have appealed to government to rehabilitate the embankment road connecting the district to Itezhi Tezhi .


ZANIS reports that the distance of the stretch between the two districts is about 60 kilo metres.


The residents told ZANIS in Namwala that during the rainy season they are forced to go through Choma to Lusaka to get to Itezhi Tezhi district because the embankment road is flooded.


The residents also observed that the embankment road from Namwala to Itezhi Tezhi provides a  shorter route for tourists intending to visit the Kafue National Park.


The residents added that once rehabilitated the road will be a shorter route for travellers from Mongu to Choma or Mumbwa to Choma.