Dora Siliya’s advice on Love

Dora Siliya
Dora Siliya
Hello my Friends

It’s February again, the month of love. For all those in love I wish you only more and better love. Don’t accept less.
For those still looking for love, don’t worry, you may never even know when it is staring you in the face so don’t give up.
If you are like me this is the time to let all those in your life especially family that you really care. Call, What’s up, SMS, Email or just go there now and tell them you truely love them. Time goes by so quickly and we often wait to say I LOVE YOU until
it’s too late.

Let’s tell our Parents, sibling’s, Children, Spouses and lovers we care very much not in two weeks but today.
Lastly, my friends, there is that love surpassing all understanding: The Love of God. Let us all take time to be greatful for the gift of love and his mercy. As he showed us, let us also forgive those who have injured us by loving them even more.
Hard to do but it feels good.
These are my thoughts today in Izmir Turkey.

Dora Siliya’s advice on Love



  1. iam unable to open the link but let me guess,is this advise on how to react when your ex claims he left you coz of bed wetting ? lol