ZESCO blamed for Mpulungu water shortage

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ZESCO blamed for Mpulungu water shortage

Mpulungu, Feb 2, 2015, ZANIS—The persistent water shortage in Mpulungu district has been attributed to frequent power cuts by the Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation (ZESCO).


ZANIS reports that Mpulungu district acting manager for Chambeshi water and Sewerage Company Lloyd Kapembwa has confirmed the development in an interview today.


Me Kapembwa was responding to complaints by Mpulungu residents about the persistent water shortage in the district.


He said the machinery which is used to pump water from the source needs about 400-420 volts for it to function effectively adding however that the voltage that is supplied to the machines was less than the required power to run them.


A check at the Katonya water pump by ZANIS found that the machines were switched off and were not pumping the water.


Mr. Kapebwa narrated that the other cause of the water shortage in Mpulungu was that the company only had one machine that was used to pump water from the source.


He said the pump which has been in use since 1988 can no longer pump enough water to supply the district because the population of Mpulungu had increased.


Mr. Kapembwa appealed to government and other stakeholders to come to the aid of the company to upgrade the equipment in order to  improve water supply to the residents.