Livingstone council, police directed to fight street vending

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Government  has urged the Zambia Police and Livingstone City Council not to tolerate street vendors who have gone back to trade in the central business district of the tourist capital.

Southern Province Permanent Secretary, Annie Sinyangwe, said being the country’s tourist capital Livingstone should not be littered by street vendors who could become a disturbance to the international tourists.

She said Livingstone needs to maintain the highest levels of hygiene for the country to enhance the country’s tourism sector which is one of the major sources of revenue.

Ms Sinyangwe told Journalists in Choma today that Government made efforts to provide an alternative trading area hence the need for the vendors to comply with the directive. 

“Government is determined to complete the modern market under construction within this year’s national budget allocation for the vendors to trade in provided designated places,” she said.

She said the LCC management in conjunction with police should not tolerate street vending at the expense of designated trading areas.

Ms Sinyangwe said the government would not allow the vendors to
continue trading in the streets a situation which had augmented filth in the town centre.

She said President Edgar Lungu had not issued any instruction for the
vendors in Livingstone to go back to conduct their businesses in town.

She said that government would ensure the modern market was completed for the vendors to conduct their businesses in a conducive environment.

Ms Sinyangwe has hailed Choma Town Clerk, Timothy Mambalakata, for his
concerted efforts to keep Choma clean through continued garbage collection.

She said the provincial administration is keen to partner with Choma Municipal Council to find strategies of removing vendors from Choma central business area.

Ms Sinyangwe, however, called on various stakeholders to come on board and support the local authorities in the province to foster hygiene.