Lungu directs Police to stop political violence by UPND and PF cadres

UPND, PF cadres clash
UPND, PF cadres clash

Republican President Edgar Lungu has directed the Zambia Police Service to put a stop to the violence perpetrated by UPND and PF cadres.

And President Lungu has announced that Vice President Inonge Wina will act as Republican President when he leaves for the African Union summit in Ethiopia tomorrow.

President Lungu says Police should move into Southern Province and control the situation after reports that the UPND is still campaigning in the province.

He says there is need for the UPND to accept that they have lost the election and wait for the 2016 general elections for them to campaign peacefully.

President Lungu says cadres should desist from provoking each other because violence will not take them anywhere.


Mr Lungu has since directed the Police to ensure that they do not tolerate any form of violence and that anyone found wanting should be dealt with within the confines of the law.

And President Lungu has appealed to women in the country to support Ms Wina who will be acting as Republican President saying she needs their full support.

President Lungu says he hopes to swear in more women as he appoints more members of his Cabinet.

He has also disclosed that some former cabinet ministers are likely to be maintained in his cabinet while others will not be reappointed and that all appointments are on merit.

President Lungu said this at State House today when he swore-in Silvia Chalikosa as Zambia’s Ambassador to Namibia, Hibene Mwiinga as Special Assistant to the President for Economic and Development Affairs and Nathaniel Mubukwanu as Southern Province Minister.




  1. If what Khalifa is saying about what was reported then that is a good move Mr president, that is a kind of leadership pipo are looking for. Keep it up. We realy need our peace back in our country

  2. We will only believe u when yo candres stop violence that u meant what u were saying.

  3. Its jst PF cadres who perpetrate violence with their pangas, Lungu can’t jst say voilence by PF cadres, u wl not succeed this time to dent UPND name coz we now know PF very well with their leaders like u who send them to beat UPND suporters