Voters not detracted by rains

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First President Kenneth Kaunda and the MMD presidential candidate Nevers Mumba have cast their votes at Woodlands ‘A’ Primary School polling station.

Dr. Kaunda cast his vote at Woodlands ‘A’ east polling station at around 11:00 hours while Dr. Mumba cast his vote at Woodland ‘A’ west polling station which is located within the same school.

And a check by a ZANIS crew around some polling stations found that the turnout of voters was high early in the morning but started reducing after it started raining heavily around 08:00 hours.

Some presiding officers talked to said people started queuing up to cast their votes as early as 04: 00 hours.

At Woodlands ‘A’ east polling station in Lusaka Central constituency, 500 people had cast their votes by 11:00 hours out of the total 1,399 registered voters while at Chilenje Community Hall polling station in Kabwata Constituency 800 voters had cast their votes by 12:30 hours.

A check at MKandawire Primary School polling station revealed that 660 people had cast their votes by 13:30 hours out of the 2,325 registered voters while at Nakatindi market polling station in Kanyama Constituency 3,740 people had voted out of the 7,667 registered voters by 14:10 hours.

A number of voters were still going to cast their votes by 14:10 hours at some polling stations such as Nakatindi polling station in Kanyama while other polling stations, the turn out remained low in the afternoon.