Voter turnout impressive in Solwezi district

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Some polling stations in Solwezi district recorded a good voter turnout this morning with long queues when doors opened at 06.00hrs.


A check by ZANIS at Kyawama polling station found an impressive voter turnout.


Kyawama polling station Presiding Officer Kayawe Malasha said the polling station has eight (8) streams and each has 877 voters.


The total number of registered voters stands at 7,892 and by 10 00hrs more than 2,000 people had cast their votes.


Mr. Malasha said voting was going on smoothly and was incident free although there was a steady decrease in numbers as the day progressed.


And at Tunvwang’anayi School the total number of registered voters was 7,735 and by mid-morning more than 1,480 people had cast their votes.


Solwezi District has three constituencies namely east, west, and central with a total of 98 polling stations and 106,000 registered voters.


Other polling stations in Solwezi rural are reported to have started on a low a flow of voters.