Edgar Lungu congratulates the United Church of Zambia (UCZ)

Lubinda , Lungu
Lubinda , Lungu

PATRIOTIC Front (PF) president Edgar Lungu has congratulated the United Church of Zambia (UCZ) on the church’s landmark Golden Jubilee of evangelical mission in Zambia.
Mr Lungu also said the UCZ’s evangelical mission in Zambia brings satisfaction to those in Government and in politics that the Church is a reliable partner in nation-building.
“Your theme: “Shared Holistic Mission for Effective Ministry to the Glory of God” is appropriate as we all work to make Zambia a better place for all. The Church’s Golden Jubilee speaks of liberation, restoration, forgiveness among others just as Zambia’s Jubilee did last October,” he said.
He said the PF believes in separation of State and Religion but fully committed to values of Christianity, the pre-dominant faith for the majority of people.
And Mr Lungu commended the UCZ for its interventions in helping the State resolve the many challenges that afflict the people such as poverty, illiteracy, early marriages, and poor sanitation among others.

“As ministers of the Gospel, I appreciate your selfless leadership that makes you leave your comfort zones to go down to where the people are in order to understand their sufferings. I encourage you to continue this selfless leadership, to articulate your vision more in order to inspire and create hope for the future,” he said.
He appealed to the Church for spiritual guidance and counsel in order for stakeholders to avoid any action and behavior that may put the security of the country at risk during the elections.
“Please accept my sincere heartfelt congratulations to you personally, the UCZ Synod Bishop, Mwape Mulubwa and to the entire church fraternity,” he said.
Meanwhile, PF secretary-general Davies Chama has described as baseless allegations of theft against Mr Lungu.
The United Party for National Development (UPND) have placed an advert in the Press alleging theft against Mr Lungu in a matter regarding a dispute between him and Wendy Kanyanta.
Ms Kanyanta was a client of Andrea Masiye & Company, a law firm Mr Lungu worked for before he joined active politics.
He said no theft occurred adding that the matter was handled by the Law Association of Zambia after the two parties disagreed on the verbal agreement that guided the settlement of legal fees.
Mr Chama said Mr Lungu has never been tried and convicted for theft in any Zambian court and labelling him thief is extremely unfair and cheap, especially coming just days before the crucial poll.

“Mr Lungu, unlike Mr Hichilema [UPND president] will continue to engage in an issue-based campaign such as national development and others,” Mr Chama said.
And campaign chairperson for media and publicity Emmanuel Mwamba has also rebuffed media reports that Mr Lungu allegedly stole money from a client.
Mr Mwamba purported that the UPND advert claiming that Mr Lungu misappropriated money belonging to Ms Kanyanta are false and an attempt to discredit him.
He said the money in question was settled and the case was closed.
Mr Mwamba also said there was no theft involved.