Two men claim same wife, child

Court divorce 2014
Court divorce 2014

IN a rather rare occurrence, two men claimed to be married to one woman with each claiming to be the biological father to her baby.
This is a case in which Brian Shatu, 25, of Chazanga township sued Solomon Nalikokwe, 24, of Chaisa township for committing adultery with Loveness Lundumuna.
Shatu narrated to Senior Court Magistrates Lewis Mumba and Petronella Kalyelye how his wife left their matrimonial home after spending Christmas and New Year’s Eve with him.
“Your honour, on that morning my wife complained of not feeling well, I gave her money so she [could go] to the clinic for treatment and left for work. When I knocked off I didn’t find her home,” he said.

Shatu said when it started getting late he called his parents-in-law and other relatives to find out if his wife was with them only to be told that she wasn’t.
“I looked everywhere but couldn’t find her and the next day in the company of the police I went to see her best friend who revealed that my wife had moved in with Nalikokwe in Chaisa,” he said.
Shatu told the court that he traced Nalikokwe to his house in Chaisa.
“Since I found him at a bar, I followed him at a distance to know where he lives only to see my wife welcoming him. I immediately went to the police to inform them of the development and was advised to sue Nalikokwe for adultery,” he said

Shatu told the court that he wanted compensation because when he married Lundumuna, she was a virgin. He also said he had also paid bride price.
Shatu further explained that Nalikokwe has been threatening to slit his throat after he delivered the court summons.
In his defence, Nalikokwe denied committing adultery because Lundumuna was his wife. He told the court he only paid K20 though the bride price had not yet been determined.
He accused Shatu of committing adultery.
However, Lundumuna, 19, in cross examination told the court that both Shatu and Nalikokwe were her husbands.

Lundumuna said following marital disputes with Shatu, she went to live with her relatives in Chaisa. It was whilst in Chaisa that she met Nalikokwe.
“Shatu together with his relatives sent me packing for failure to conceive. I later moved in with Nalikokwe and fell pregnant. Afterwards, while still pregnant, I and Shatu reconciled. Shatu is the one who has taken care of the baby though the biological father is Nalikokwe,”she said.
Passing Judgement, the court ordered Nalikokwe to pay Shatu K10,000 as compensation for adultery with the first instalment of K500 followed by K200 monthly instalments starting January month end.


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