My in-laws are punishing me because I’m barren

Divorce Court

A WOMAN felt punished by her in-laws who she alleges advised her husband to hide the houses he was building from her because she is barren.
Catherine Limanya, 35, of Kalingalinga told the court the two lived well before her in-laws started visiting her home.
She was speaking before justices Hilda Choonya and Pauline Newa in a case where she sued her husband Justin Chengo, 44, of the same township for marriage reconciliation.
The two have been married for four years and have no children.
She said all was well in her marriage until her in-laws began visiting her home.
Limanya said they told her husband to keep the houses he was building a secret from her because she has no children with him.
“When my husband’s family started visiting us, problems began and he even stopped sleeping home,” she said.

She said one day after sleeping out, Chengo came home drunk, and without shoes, and so wet that she hid his clothes to use as exhibit in court.
At that point, she got a plastic of wet clothes and displayed them including Chengo’s olive green under pant before the court.
As Limanya spoke, she got angry and raised her voice. And in mid-sentence, she changed her claim and told the court, ‘I think cisile che cikwati’ (I think I want a divorce).
And in his statement, Chengo said he told Limanya about the houses but she said they are too far.
“So I warned her she would remain alone in a rented house,” he said.
He said problems started when he was involved in an accident adding that Limanya told him she knows men who are better than him.
Chengo, however said he did not want divorce but could do nothing as that was Limanya’s wish.
Passing judgment, the court ruled failed reconciliation as Limanya demanded divorce.

Daily Mail