Polling day, Jan 20th declared a public holiday

Voting in sparsely populated Zambezi-West parliamentary by-election started on schedule at 06:00 hours and at Mapashi polling station 45 people had cast their votes by 06:39 hours.

Acting President Guy Scott has called on employers in the country to ensure that they allow their workers to vote in Tuesday’s Presidential election.

Dr. Scott says no employee should be disenfranchised on account of their duty or work schedule.

The Acting President says he has declared Tuesday, the polling day, a public holiday so that all citizens including workers can exercise their right to vote.

Dr. Scott was speaking when he addressed a public rally at Ibenga main market in Luanshya.

He says next week’s presidential election is NOT about changing a government but merely replacing late President Sata, whom he referred to as father of the nation.

Dr. Scott has asked Zambians to vote for PF candidate Edgar Lungu so that the PF government can continue with its infrastructure development programme.

Earlier, Sports Minister, Chishimba Kambwili has urged Zambians not to allow tribal politics to take root in Zambia.

Mr. Kambwili has warned that Zambia risks losing the peace it has enjoyed for the last fifty years if it encourages tribal politics.


He was referring to Southern Province Minister Daniel Munkombwe who issued tribal remarks at UPND campaign rally.

And Mpongwe PF Member of Parliament, Gabriel Namulambe says a number of roads and clinics were underway in his constituency.

And speaking at the same rally, late President Levy Mwanawasa’s eldest daughter Mirriam called on Zambians to vote for the PF party in next week’s presidential election.

Ms Mwanawasa say the Mwanawasa family is behind the ruling party that people should not listen to lies being made.

She also thanked government for naming the football stadium in Ndola after her father.