— Set up examinations centres in prisons – Malumo

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Prisoner Reintegration and Empowerment Organisation (PRISCA ) Director General Derrick Malumo has called for examination centres  to be set up in the country’s prisons.

Mr.  Malumo says government through the Ministry of Education , should consider setting up examination centres in prisons to enable inmates have access to writing examinations while serving their respective terms.

He said the setting up of the examination centres would help long term prisoners have full access to education from primary level up to secondary level whilst in prison.

ZANIS reports that the PRISCA Director said this in an interview in Lusaka today.

He said prisoners who have acquired educational skills would be better individuals in the society and contribute to the country’s economy after their respective release from prison.

Mr. Malumo has also urged the general public to help in the payments and the provision of learning aids for the prisoners who are willing learn and later sit for examinations.

 He said his organisation is meant to help prisoners easily integrate into society and bridge the gap that is between ex-convicts and the society when they have successfully completed their sentences.

Mr Malumo said the organisation helps ex-convicts have less stigmatisation from the society because they build them into well re-integrated persons.