Zambia’s Tourism potential on up-swing after UNWTO-Scott

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–Acting President Guy Scott says Zambia’s tourism potential has swung up after successfully co-hosting the United Nations World Tourism Organisation –UNWTO with Zimbabwe in August, last year.

Dr Scott said Zambia has more tourist resources and attractions compared to her neighbours Zimbabwe, Botswana and South Africa.

He however, lamented that Zambia is not benefitting much from the sector because the locals have allegedly left it to foreigners.

He noted that locals should utilise and embrace the hospitality industry to the fullest saying hotels, lodges and guest houses have potential to boost the country’s gross domestic product.

Dr Scott said government is making efforts to ensure that it develops all ‘dormant’ tourism circuits in the country to make them more attractive to tourists.

And Dr Scott’s wife, Charlotte has urged parents to expose their children to the country’s tourism sites for the sector to be carried into the next generation.

Dr. Scott observed that parents usually leave behind their children on tours.

Meanwhile, the Acting President took time to tour the Zambezi river and met Zambia Wide life Authorities (ZAWA) officers on the Nyamangwe Island.

Dr Scott who took a ride on the speed boat stressed the need for Zambians to wear life jackets when travelling on water bodies.

He cited the Kariba accident which claimed 25 lives on the eve of the Independence Day as one incident where lives could have been saved if lifesaving jackets were used.