Irate Serenje Farmers demand payment

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———————-Farmers in Serenje District in Central province this morning turned unruly and blocked the main road to the Boma.


But Police in riot gear prevented the farmers from rioting.


This was after word went round that Finance Bank was unable to pay them their money for maize supplied to the Food Reserve Agency ( FRA ) due to the non availability of the Bank Confirmation List (BCL).


The farmers were yesterday promised by Serenje District Agricultural Coordinator George Chisebuka that they will start receiving their payment today since the money.


The disappointed farmers who were carrying stones blocked Nganswa road near Finance Bank around 08:00 hours.


One of the farmers Patricia Mulenga said farmers feel cheated by government for taking long to pay them.


Ms Mulenga said farmers in the district are stranded and that they are behind time in terms of preparation for this the farming season.

Meanwhile Serenje District Commissioner Charles Mwelwa insisted that farmers would start receiving their dues today.


Mr Mwelwa said FRA brought the BCL at 10:00 hours and Finance bank would start paying the farmers.


Mr Mwelwa said the district got assurance from Agricultural Minister Wilbur Simuusa that the District will within the week receive more money to pay the farmers.


“I only hope government will send additional monies before the K6.4 million currently in the bank is exhausted.” Mr Mwelwa said.


He however appealed for calm from farmers as government is doing everything possible to ensure all of them are paid as soon as possible.


Government still owes farmers in the district about K20 million for the maize supplied to the FRA.



  1. when we come into power farmers wil be gvn their money just after delivery of their produce. promises?

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