HH lures Mpongwe Voters

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————————–UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema has urged the electorate in Mpongwe district to reflect on the numerous challenges that the district had been facing in the run up to the Presidential by-elections slated for January 20 2015.

Addressing a rally at the central business district this morning, Mr Hichilema said Mpongwe had for a long time been gripped with poverty and high levels of poor service delivery due to poor government policy.

Mr Hichilema said farmers had for a long time continued to bear the consequences of expensive farming inputs and late payments for the supply of maize to the Food Reserve Agency(FRA).

The opposition Leader urged the electorate in the district not to be cheated in the forthcoming by-elections but instead make a wise choice and vote the UPND into office.

"Am asking you to help me win this election so you can be better people and have better lives" he said