Lungu’s next rallies come to Mongu & Lusaka

Edgar Lungu attends Church Service in Mansa
Edgar Lungu attends Church Service in Mansa

Ruling Patriotic Front (PF) president Edgar Lungu will this Saturday the 13th of December hold a rally in Mongu Western Province a week after his two inaugural rallies held in Kasama and Mansa.

In Mongu, Mr. Lungu, who is the PF candidate for the 2015 presidential election as well as the Defense and Justice Minister, is expected to make a number of pronouncements regarding what his party is currently doing for Western Province and its future plans for the Province.

In a statement released to Qfm News PF Secretary General Davis Chama has noted that Mr. Lungu still maintains a good relationship with both the people of the Western Province and the Litunga Imwiko Lubosi the second who recently honored him with the presentation of a royal walking stick to guide him in his leadership path.

Mr. Chama states that after the Mongu tour, Mr. Lungu will on Sunday the 14th of December hold another rally that has been slated for Mandevu grounds in Lusaka.

He says this rally will mark the beginning of the several rallies the PF President is expected to hold in the capital City as he steps up his national campaign.

The PF Secretary General has reiterated that Mr. Lungu means well and he is qualified for the country’s highest office job as he has demonstrated in the past.

He says all the mud that is being desperately thrown at him will only build him as it is also clear that the Zambian people are too intelligent to be hood-winked by what he has termed as bitter propaganda from sectional interests.

The PF Chief Executive Officer has also commended Local Government Minister Emmanuel Chenda for joining several other top party members that have cast aside personal ambitions to back Mr. Lungu in the race for the party and republican Presidency.

He says Mr. Chenda has showed political maturity by joining others such as Kabwata Member of Parliament Given Lubinda, Youth and Sport Minister Chishimba Kambwili, Agriculture Minister Wilbur Simuusa and Lusaka Mayor Mulenga Sata.

Mr. Chama has since urged all other party members that are still standing on the fence to be brave and join Mr. Lungu’s team which he says is the winning team.

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