Bushiri’s prophecy on Zambia’s elections

Malawi's leading Prophet Shepherd Bushiri
Malawi's leading Prophet Shepherd Bushiri

Malawi’s leading Prophet Shepherd Bushiri on Sunday, December 7 gave took time to prophetically handled Zambia’s elections and urged his congregation to pray for the nation as he saw violence erupting in the country following election disagreements.
Speaking to his congregation, Bushiri also said that he saw a man wearing a hat being sworn in as Zambia’s president.
“Am seeing a man name L being sworn in as President. This man is so much loved by Zambians and he is destined to win. If he fails, he will fail because of himself. Things will go bad for him if he doesnt humble himself and work with the white person,” said Bushiri.

Coincidentally, a likely candidate with ‘L’ in his name is Edgar Lungu of Patriotic Front. According to the prophecy, Bushiri explained that if Lungu fails to humble himself and join hands with the white man, victory will go to Hakainde Hichilema, president for United Party for National Development (UPND).
“Mark my words, if the person with name ‘L’ fails to join hands with the white person, then victory will be for a person with letters HH,”said the Prophet.

According to the prophecy, the wife of former president will work with Hakainde Hichelema.
“I just want you to mark my words that the person I saw being sworn in as President was wearing a hat and has the letter ‘L’ in his name,” concluded Bushiri.
Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is considered as one of the best Prophets in Malawi and across Africa. His recent prophesies on Lesotho’s unrest and the death of South Africa’s goal keeper, Senzo Meyiwa both came to pass as he prophesied.
He is the founder and leader of the Enlighten Christian Gathering, a church that has spread alarmingly in African countries including Zambia, South Africa and Ethiopia.

He also has one of Africa’s largest TV networks, Prophetic Channel that is viewed across Africa and Europe via satellite on DSTV’s public Channels and Free to Air decoders.

By Kelvin Sulugwe, (one of Malawi’s leading online journalists)


  1. It’s amazing in favor of me to have a web page, which is good in favor of my know-how.
    thanks admin

  2. these stupid smileys calling themselves prophets. seeing violence in Zambia? we don’t do such here. it is only NGOs and politicians who see election violence. in Zambia people just isolatedly fight here and there which is normal over emotive issues. I know what you mean by violence is scale of civil war. Not here bwana!

  3. Those that doubted the prophecy on Zambian elections from man of God general Bushili should learn a vital lesson. True prophets of God shall be tested by their fruits. Lungu’s prophetic massage is one such fruit. Touch not the anointed. The last aspect of the prophecy…..

    “I just want you to mark my words that the person I saw being sworn in as President was wearing a hat”,

  4. 1 Cor 14 vs 29 Let the prophets speak two or three, and let the other judge.

    The purpose of prophesy is for the Edification, Exaltation and Encouragement of the people of God. So, when judging prophesy look out for these.

  5. Fake prophets, please prophecy things that can give is spiritual growth, not airplane crashes, death of presidents, winning elections e.t.c. We need growth in faith

  6. All ts jst a lie stp cheatin us we ar nt childrens nanga nicha…dnt u hv smthn else to in ur mnd of prophecy o wat evr u cal t urslf….soRry!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is not prophecy but a metaphysical practice called Clairvoyance. The term clairvoyance (from French “clair” meaning “clear” and voyance meaning “vision”) is used to refer to the ability to gain information about an object, person, location or physical event through means other than the known senses i.e., a form of extrasensory perception.

  8. True prophecy comes from above. People laughed and mocked Noah when he sounded a warning that God was about to send floods by heavy down pour. Please don’t wait until you are swept by the floods. General Bushiri continue to inspire people of the world with the word of God and shame the devil. I know that you shall not put your God Jehovah to test by saying something that will put God’s name to shame. May the almighty God use you to bring many to His kingdom.

  9. Zambia is is christian nation and God will not allow this country to be ruled by a Satanist. The next president to rule will be a christian and we don’t know which one. You can know satanist by their fruits. They always wish their contender dead or sick. Which party was wishing Sata dead? Check around.

  10. pls prophet bushilu keep your prophecy in your country we dont need it here. we only need jesus.and the father not paid up prophets nah! before you fill the wrath of us better stay away from us more us as a pipo will cast the votes and whoever win will be a president of all zambian twakana ama nonsense ayo. get it in your rouse prophetic head. God bless zambia.

  11. He is just an alarmist and not a prophet. He is simply re-affirming what is transpiring on the ground and nothing prophetic about it. Prophecy should not be characterised by duplicity and ambiguity! We are not proponents of unsubstantiated prophecy!

  12. to tell you the truth, the more you talk about others,saying bad things about them, is the more the curse is coming upon you.You must always remeber that.

  13. If it a false prophecy, it will not come to pass but if it is a true prophecy,it will happen. If Jeremiah, from the bible prophesied about Babylon, that they will be taken into captive, but some ignored the prophecy just as it is has happened though they threw Jeremiah into the pit, but still the prophecy come to pass. Usakhudze wozozedwa anga, aneneri ( psalm 105: 15)

  14. When they see bad things unfolding as prophets why don’t they pray to stop the bad things from happening? All he wants is the bloodshed to occur, so that what he prophesized comes to pass. Prophets awe bwafya! Prophets should at least at one point in time prophecy good seasons to come not always bad, bad and bad

  15. Some things are funny …Get your bibles know the truth test the Spirits. If you truly pray and hear God’s voice u will see sm things are just drama

  16. I just heard pipo talking about this prophecy, now I have read. Its has lies in it. He is not a man of God.

  17. A true prophet can not give two scenarios. A true prophet only says what will happen exactly the way it will happen. This guy is behaving like a statistician. If Edgar Lungu is the winner he is the winner. If he is not he is not. How he behaves can not be counted should not be part of the equation.

    • a lot of prophecies concerning individuals do have the word if attached to them. this implies that God gives people the power to chose their paths while guaranteeing that they will enjoy the desired outcome IF they abide by His instruction. Personally see nothing wrong with this admonition. It is a warning to those concerned to be humble and not think they control what happens on their own because the condition of obedience is attached.

  18. hahaha this man is a fake to start with and secondly his prophesy is way far from a real prophesy taken from the way God spoke in the bible….what is this man in a hat? he is already talking bout somebody, is he afraid of his so called prophesy not coming to pass or what, he has prophesied aout joyce banda winning in our nation too bad it was just his thoughts!

  19. Dont believe him is a false prophet i know him well he say joice banda will win on our ellection but his prophecy fails

  20. This is an obvious issue of the Zambian scenario no prophecy hapana kuporofita apa

  21. when you put the word if, then it is not prophecy because you are guessing! how do you say if it is not EL then it is HH? this is not prophecy, it is a known fact; either of these 2 is the most likely candidate to win!this kind of prophecy is like prophecying by saying that it may or may not rain!, people, stop giving undue credit to last days prophets; Jesus said it all

  22. Prediction prediction there is no sure a thing in the bible or the program of God…..if its God its to the point not a seen name with L and HH plus a white man useless liar liar Bushiri…..deceiving the people children of vipers…..you are a liar just like your father he was a liar and murder from the beginning…….

  23. This is not prophecy. Anyone who reads newspapers can come up with this opinion. He should stop duping people. This is absolute nonsense.

  24. This is not a prophecy its rather an opinion. why has he said that if he fails? why not telling us the man with letter L will win or not?

  25. please people dont insult men of God.i beilive one can only opose if God has spoken to them that the man of God is not telling the truth.even in the bible people used to dispise prophets.like one person has said why dodnt you then test the spirit if you are prayerfull.when spirit are you using to say its a lie.

  26. I’m a man of God.prophesy is always In parables and should stick to one thing ,no matter what.”if it is for Lungu ,it can’t be for HH.Lungu’s presidency is from above,no one can take it from him.

  27. Let me urge those following the prophecy not to misunderstand it.Those who are humble before Almighty God will draw closer to the man of God and get more information and advice on how to go about it.Nothing is impossible with God.

  28. If there is a faque dollar,it means there is a genuine dollar.If there are faque prophets,it means they are genuine Prophets of God.I am here confidently to let you know that my spiritual Father Major Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is a true Prophet of Almighty God.You are the next person to testify the goodness of God through Major 1 Prophet Shepherd Bushiri.

  29. Prophet Bushiri is the mouth piece of God dont say any evil against things you dont know lest you be cursed in the process,i would urge u to read 2chronicles20:20

  30. The only problem with the prophesy is the alternative element of it. I saw a person with a hat named l being sworn in as President, but if he does not humble himself to work with the white man then HH wins…Prophesy must be very specific. So whoever wins between the two EL or HH, prophesy will be fulfilled…Its shouldnt go that way….W would be very confortable if he sayed a person named HH or EL will be sworn in…Violence is always there during campaigns

  31. The only problem with the prophesy is the alternative element of it. I saw a person with a hat named l being sworn in as President, but if he does not humble himself to work with the white man then HH wins…Prophesy must be very specific. So whoever wins between the two EL or HH, prophesy will be fulfilled…Its shouldnt go that way….W would be very confortable if he sayed a person named HH or EL will be sworn in…Violence is always there during campaigns

  32. Prophet Shepard Bushiri is a true man of God, If you do not know that, then it’s better to keep quiet and wait for what he prophecied to pass, what are your basis for criticizing him when he hasn’t ministered unto you and when the elections haven’t passed???? Remember the bible says touch not my annointed ones.

  33. Why can’t he prophesy on the Malawian kwacha so that their economy picks up coz its so poor that they even fail to finish building the malawi embassy?

      • Is your Kwacha stable? why not talk about the story of Bushiri
        we know what your economy was like and how it is today, so stop writing nosense

  34. What i know is that Papa speaks what he sees so if you don’t see don’t insult Papa because you are ignorant of him. He is Major Prophet whether someone like or not he is a true Prophet. Wait and you shall see that this will come as he has prophesied!!!! Power Papa Bushiri!!!! may God continue to use you more and mightly. I know there are enemies but our Lord is with you!!

  35. Be careful another building may fall. These shameless servants of God who prophesies for money.

  36. If for sure u’ re led by the Spirit of God your duty would be to make prophecies that lead people to salvation and not your predictions based on whom u think has support. You must repent and ask Jesus to forgive u because u are misleading lots of people.Or else Jesus is coming to sort u out!

  37. Kikikikoki a man wearing a hurt. these fake prphets, let him go to farm its rain season

  38. Hey Friends Wht Did He Prophecied Abt Our Election? I Dnt Knw Anythng Plz Cn Some 1 Inbox Me!!

    • in what way is our nation Zambia Christian ? It doesn’t appear so, we are just sinners like other nations. Let’s be honest.

  39. First it was TB,joshua now you,,,twamikanina mwishina lya ba Yesu Christ twalene ifiwa ukutali,,,,,we are a christian nation with powerful men of God all over & we know how to take our problems to Jehova in Prayer!!

    • Am Frm Malawi,he’s Not A True Prophet We Dont Trust Him,he Is A Lier,he Even Prophesyd Malawian Elections Whch Dd Nt Come To Pass,he Shdnt Waste Ur Time

  40. How many times have these messengers of hell prophecised bloodshed in our country, yet the almighty God prove them wrong?

    • What prophecy,stop telling lies.You are the same guys who fail to warn people with your stupid lies.


  42. Please don’t insult the servants of God but pray to test their spirit if it’s from God.

  43. It was 3weeks ago wen he jst said that he is seeing Zambia having a young president chapwa.LV mwatampa bufi naimwa.u r making ur own stories now.it is easly seen that u r jst making it.elo u don’t know hw to edit it kikikikikikikikikikiki u r dull kwena

    • If owning a private jet is the definition of broke then indeed Prophet Bushiri is broke. Prophet Bushiri does not rely on congregants funds to fund ministry, ministry is actually indebted to him because for them to continue functioning they need his contribution, so point of correction he is not broke.