By tomorrow morning : Predictions from Nov 30th

Zambia United tour continues. Here are some photos from Choma, Nov 30th 2014
Zambia United tour continues. Here are some photos from Choma, Nov 30th 2014

By tomorrow morning ( Dec 1st 2014):
– Edgar Lungu will still be smiling with a “shirt, what did I do” smile.
– HH will be like “Too late, dude, I’m gone”
– My new favourite woman (God bless her soul) Bridget Atanga will receive a suspension as PF SG, replaced by someone I don’t know.
– The courtroom will be busy with injunctions
– GBM will throw his weight on Edgar. Literary. (I pity Edgar).
– Miles Sampa will be seeing in Black and White… He’s history, baby.
– Bashi Nono, Mulenga Sata and Selemani P. Banda will be caught arms akimbo by Eddy Mwanaleza’s camera
– Guy Scott will make a beautiful pronouncement, reclaiming his lost glory. However, by end of the day, he will have made other statements contrary to whatever he’ll be praised for.
– Madam Christine Kaseba will have recoiled back home, counting down. I doubt she’ll still have momentum to follow this through
– One newspaper editor will be busy, extremely busy, (I mean, dare not cross his path busy) trying to connect loose ends that seem to be slipping. Nati mukose, bululu, mukose.
– One or two cadres will get beaten by police for celebrating.
– No one will be concerned with the fact that Rupiah Banda had a rally today. I’m like, malume, kagoneni!
– Nevers Mumba will still be in the shadows
– Does anyone know what NAREP is doing? Well, don’t disturb them.
– John Kazembe, Kasabo Seth Kalusa and yours truly will be having a blast on Facebook.

Derick Chekwe