Government commended for televising Sata’s burial

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A senior citizen in Kafue district has commended government for the opportunity accorded to the Zambian people to monitor the burial procession of the late President Michael Sata on Zambia National broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) television.


A 75 year old Roy Nyambe of Kafue fisheries said the provision of big screens in some designated parts of the country has enabled most Zambians to watch the late President’s burial programme.


ZANIS reports that Mr. Nyambe said this at the civic centre in Kafue district.


He lamented that the country would have developed more if the late President Sata had lived longer.


The senior citizen has joined the call to urge all Zambian to usher in a president who will continue with the late President Sata’s legacy. 


Meanwhile, Kafue district PF chairperson, Peter Banda said the party in the district was happy with the funeral arrangements of the late President Sata.


Mr. Banda said Zambians and Kafue district in particular should continue to embrace the peace that is prevailing until a new president is elected.


He has since called for unity in the party and the country at large if the legacy of the late President Sata is to be followed.


Hundreds of Kafue district residents today gathered in the council chamber to follow the burial procession of the late President Michael Sata which was being broadcast live on ZNBC television.