Sata strove to unite Zambians

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Sata strove to unite Zambians

Kaputa November 11, ZANIS—Kaputa District Commissioner Chrispine Kachusha yesterday led government officials, church leaders and Kaputa residents in signing a book of condolences in honour of late President Michael Sata.

In his message of condolences, Mr. Kachusha described the late President Sata as a man of the people who strove to unite Zambians.

Mr. Kachusha said the late President Sata worked hard to develop all parts of the country including neglected areas such as Kaputa.

“You took development to all areas of this nation including neglected areas like Kaputa,” he said.

And Kaputa District Administrative Officer, Alick Kampamba, said the impact the departed President had on the Zambians will remain vivid for generations to come.

Mr. Kampamba said the life of the late President needs to be celebrated by all Zambia.

He added that the late President was a special gift from God.

“Your impact in the lives of Zambian will always remain vivid for this generation and the generation to come. Your life deserves to be celebrated because you are a gift from God to mankind,” he said.

Acting Chieftainess Kaputa of the Tabwa speaking people said her thoughts were with the first family and Zambians as whole as they mourn the late President.

And a Pastor at Kaputa United Church of Zambia, George Manda, said the praises that people have showed on late President Sata was evident that he lived for them.

Rev. Manda said the best way to honour the late President was to carry on with his vision for the country.
Meanwhile, hundreds of Christians yesterday gathered at St. Annie’s Catholic Church for a memorial church service of late President Sata.

The service, which started at 19:00 hours and ended at 24:00 hours, was characterized by prayers, songs from various churches and testimonies.

Patriotic Front (PF) Kaputa District Chairman, Dickson Chomba, who was among the people that gave testimonies, said the late head of state had a great vision for the country as seen from the many developments he initiated during his short stay in office.

Mr. Chomba said it would be difficult to replace President Sata but prayed that whoever succeeds him continue with his vision of developments.

The gathering prayed for peace and unity to continue prevailing in the nation.