Service Chiefs bid farewell to Sata

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—-Defence chiefs have signed in the book of condolences for the late President, Michael Sata at Government House.


In his farewell message, Zambia Army commandant, Paul Mihova Mr Sata has gone too soon.

Gen Mihova   stated that the people of Zambia and the world at large will greatly miss Mr Sata.


And Zambia Air Force Commander, Erick Chimese, promised to continue what the late President ordered the defence forces to do.


Gen Chimense lamented in his message that the cold hand of death has robbed the defense forces of their Commander in Chief, stating that he will continue to remember him in prayers.



Zambia National Service commandant, Nathan Mulenga, described Mr Sata as a true gallant and patriot leader whose love for the people of Zambia transcended belief.


Gen Mulenga has stated that Mr Sata’s death is painful and a great loss to the nation.


Meanwhile, Zambia Police Inspector General, Stella Libongani, stated that the police service will continue living by principles of ridding the country of corruption and other forms of crime.


She said the police service will miss Mr Sata.


And Commissioner of Prisons, Percy Chato, stated that he will miss Mr Sata because he was committed to prison reforms.