Don’t harbour randy teachers-minister

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Government has warned teachers in the country against harbouring their colleagues who fall into conflict with the law.


Deputy Minister of Education, Science, Vocational and Early Education Patrick Ngoma noted that male teachers in schools were the most perpetrators of cases of abusing girls.


Mr. Ngoma said government wants to see the girl children attain their education in a conducive environment.


He was speaking in Lusaka today when he handed over a donation of 10 computers and a refurbished computer laboratory to Ngombe Primary School.


The donation, which is worth eleven thousand United States dollars, is from Net-One, a local non-governmental organisation dealing in information and communications technology, (ICT).


Mr. Ngoma disclosed that he personally surrendered a named school teacher to police officers for allegedly impregnating a 13-year old grade-four pupil.


He said authorities at that school had protected a culprit by hiding him in a house.


He disclosed that the teacher is now serving a jail sentence.


Mr. Ngoma has meanwhile commended Net-One for donating computers which he said were no longer considered a luxury but a necessary tool for enhancing quality to education.


And Net-One Chief Executive Officer Bejoy Nettikadan urged both the teachers and pupils to guard the computers jealously if the learning institution was to benefit again.


Mr. Nettikadan pledged to support Ng’ombe Primary School in the near future but quickly warned that he would closely monitor the donated items.


Ng’ombe Primary School Head Teacher Winnet Mwambela said it was gratifying that the private sector was recognising vulnerable institutions such as her school.


Mrs. Mwambela called on other private organisations to emulate Net-One because government alone cannot manage to raise education standards in the country.