ECZ conducts delimitation meeting in Namwala

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——-The Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) is in Namwala District for a three-day meeting with councillors on the delimitation of polling districts and wards.


Opening the meeting, Namwala District Council Secretary, Mabvuto Masiye, said the purpose of the meeting was to review existing wards and polling boundaries.


Mr Masiye said the exercise will further involve the creation of new wards and polling districts and entail establishing new polling stations where necessary.


The Council Secretary further said the exercise by the Electoral Commission of Zambia has been necessitated by several factors which include the long distances voters are required to cover during the registration and elections.


He said by creating new polling stations, the commission would like to ensure that distances are reduced between polling stations and also make it easier for the electorate to access the polling stations.

Mr Masiye added that the commission has also established that some of the polling stations are located in places not convenient for conducting elections, and the exercise will, therefore, involve relocation of polling stations to more suitable sites.


He emphasized that the commission will only be able to effect the delimitation of the new council wards after the Ministry of Local Government and Housing issues the Statutory Instrument to legalise the new wards in accordance with section 9 (2) of the Local Government  Act Cap 281.

The meeting attracted 14 councillors of Namwala District and media of Namwala district.