Ngabwe district celebrate first-ever Independence Day

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—–Ngabwe District Commissioner, Melody Phiri, has urged people in her district to guard jealously the peace, unity and democracy that the country had enjoyed in the past 50 years.


Speaking during the commemoration of the country’s golden jubilee celebrations in the newly created Ngabwe district, Ms Phiri said there was need to maintain the unity and peace brought by the struggle for independence.


The DC added that there was need to uphold and embrace the spirit of selflessness and sacrifice exhibited by the freedom fighters.


Ms Phiri said the peace the country is enjoying has made the land an attractive investment destination which is an important ingredient to economic and social development.


Ms Phiri also took time to encourage civil servants in the newly created district to continue remaining committed to their work despite the hardships they were facing in executing their duties.


She said the people in the district needed to benefit from the services they are supposed to offer.


‘I am happy that despite the challenges that we are facing as a new district, you have remained steadfast in your discharge of duty,” she said.  


And residents from the newly created Ngabwe district have expressed happiness for participating in the first-ever independence anniversary.


The residents said they were happy that the area was declared a district because they were now able to participate in national activities like the golden jubilee celebrations.


Folly Chilambo, who was recognised for taking part in the struggle towards independence, thanked President Michael Sata’s government for giving the area a district status.


Mr Chilambo said the declaration was making it possible for the people of Ngabwe to be part of national development that was going throughout the country.


‘We are grateful to the President for this gift he gave us because we are now able to take part in national activities,’ he said.