Couple opt for infidelity to punish each other

Criminal court
Criminal court

WHILE other people value marriage, others abuse it just like a couple of Lusaka that went to seek sexual satisfaction from illicit affairs after failing to quench each other’s sexual desires.
Alex Chishala, 48, of Garden Park narrated to the Lusaka Boma Local Court how his loss of erection each time he wanted to have sex with his wife led him to have a lover so that he could experiment on her.
“Fortunately, I had excellent sex with my lover, it was so nice,” the overjoyed Chishala, who sent the court roaring into laughter, said.
Chishala’s joy was however, short-lived when he failed to satisfy his wife sexually after he tried doing so a day after having sex with his lover.
“This is why I decided to go back to my lover,” he said.
But his wife, Fenia Mwansa, 44, also did not relent as she went ahead to ease her urge with her younger boyfriend whom she described as perfect in bed.
“I also decided to have sex with my boyfriend and I performed better,” she proudly said.
This was heard before principal presiding magistrate Mable Mwaba in a case in which Chishala sued Mwansa of John Laing township for divorce. They got married in 2004 and have two children.
He paid K700 as bride price.
Chishala said his wife has since deserted her matrimonial home and that she is currently living with her lover.
He refused to reconcile with her, saying his lover is taking care of him sexually.
But Mwansa who has been on separation with Chishala for five years accused him of sexually starving her.
“He does not even support his family and he has since deserted us,” she said.
Mwansa said efforts made to reconcile the duo in court also failed.
Passing judgment, magistrate Mwaba granted divorce because of the two’s prolonged separation.
Chishala was ordered to compensate Mwansa with K8,000 with an initial payment of K1,000.
He was also ordered to support his children with K200 every month.


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  1. God hates divorce. Whoever partakes in putting asunder what He has put together will receive his wrath. The devil who was thrown on earth is busy using the spirit of immorality to cause havoc in marriages. We need prayers for families in this country which was declared a Christian nation.