Siavonga men commit suicide, mother dumps baby

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Siavonga men commit suicide, mother dumps baby

Siavonga Oct 17/14, ZANIS—–Two people have committed suicide in Siavonga district in Southern Province while a baby has been dumped in a plastic bag.


Siavonga District Commissioner, Brave Mweetwa, confirmed the incidences of the two suicide cases that happened in two separate incidents, saying he was shocked to learn that two men working for Magnum Security firm have decided to take their own lives.


Mr Mwetewa said Justine Mwansa, 41, hanged himself using a rope near Siavonga Primary School and was found around07:00 hours.


The DC said the district has lost men who would have contributed to the growth of the district and the country.


It is a shocking situation. We have never experienced an incident where two workers from the same company and live within a distance of five km killing themselves at the same time.


He said the district has left the case to police to investigate the cause of the deaths of the two men.


In another case, Moris Inyambo, 22, of Micho compound committed suicide and his body was found around 07:00 hours today.


The mother of the deceased, Memory Inyambo, said in an interview that his son went to play with his friends and came back while she was sleep.


Mrs Inyambo said while he was talking to his sister he left her with his phone and went out with an electric cable that he uses to repair radios.


She said the sister was suspicious because his brother failed to come back and she informed relatives of Moris’s disappearance from home.


Mrs Inyambo said his father, who is also a police Chief Inspector, tried to look for him but later the family members concluded that since he carried an electric cable he could have gone to repair radios from his friends.


But her sister and the young brother continued fetching for their brother until they found that he had hanged himself under a tree with the electric cable.


In another development, a dead body of a babe was found near Kariba Clinic in Micho compound.


Mr Donald Mubiana, who witnessed the incident, said a suspected mother within the same compound dumped the baby after giving birth.


Mr Mubian said there are many pregnant mothers and investigations have to be conducted to find out the one who dumped the babe.