Big Brother hotshots – Love Interests and The Game

Big Brother hotshots - Love Interests and The Game
Big Brother hotshots - Love Interests and The Game

Housemates are fast learning that it as much the house wasn’t short of eye-candy and possibilities, it wasn’t so easy to strike a love-match in the house. Last night was indeed a difficult night for love in the house.

First it was the Goidris impasse and the puzzling, if not cringe-worthy, state of things between the increasingly estranged couple. We couldn’t tell if Goitse was playing a prude game of hard to get or Idris was like a delusional puppy chasing after shadows. Either way it appeared Idris was going to have to do a complete overhaul in his approach, or better yet, let things be.


Then came Laveda and Permithias, who we reckon were really being crushed under the weight of their nominations. With Laveda launching a campaign for votes it seemed we could expect almost any form of performance from her. After rumours ran rife about their relationship the two stayed clear of each other for most of the day.

Just when you thought nothing could touch Sheillah and Nhlanhla, the power couple got into a bit of a domestic scuffle over ‘din-din’ (dinner). It was, however, adorable to watch Nhlanhla fix her a hot plate while respectfully calling her on giving him lip for no reason. Even when they argued, there was a sense of togetherness between these two that prevailed.


Last but not least at the love-me-not station was Frankie. Having mentioned an interest in beauty queen Ellah to some of the housemates in the past he pulled up the courage to approach her. Sadly, his being a divorcee with a child only spelled baggage for the Ugandan belle. The conversation took an awry turn to his life, views on love and everything else. It was safe to say it all left a bad taste in Ellah’s mouth.

It appeared everyone switched their game-playing radar’s on and housemates were exhibiting signs of a rising paranoia as people’s true colours were beginning to shine through.


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