EBOLA : US parents pull children out of school after principal’s trip to Zambia

It's a chaotic scene at Hazlehurst Middle School as parents try to pull their children out of class
It's a chaotic scene at Hazlehurst Middle School as parents try to pull their children out of class

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An enormous crowd of parents pulled their children out of school Wednesday after learning that the Hazlehurst Middle School principal returned to work after a trip to southern Africa.


Principal Lee Wannik traveled to Zambia for his brother’s funeral, which is far from the Ebola hot spot countries on the other side of Africa.


A school official had previously said that Wannik had traveled to Nigeria, a country that has had Ebola cases in the last few months.


“As soon as I got word on Facebook I came and got my (children). I don’t know about anybody else, but I am coming to get mine,” said parent Candice Swan.


Parents said they’re concerned about their children’s health. Some even took their children out of class at the high school.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Wannik does not have the virus, and he has agreed to take paid vacation time in an effort to alleviate fears that the school and children are in danger.


“He did not want to be a distraction to the educational process and decided to take personal vacation leave and volunteered to go see any additional medical help that he could,” said Superintendent John Sullivan.


The state’s epidemiologist has been brought in to try to quell fears in Hazlehurst. Dr. Thomas Dobbs said right now in Mississippi, there is not a risk of Ebola infection.


“The people we really need to pay attention to are those who have traveled only to Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea. If someone is coming back from another country in Africa, South Africa or some other place, there’s really no risk,” Dobbs said. “Folks in Hazlehurst and the rest of Mississippi don’t need to be worried about this.”


Dobbs said the Mississippi State Department of Health is very vigilant in making sure the state is prepared.


“If we get a case of Ebola virus, we can respond to it,” Dobbs said. “As far as general, run of the mill day operations, people don’t need to worry about Ebola virus.”


There is no indication when parents will bring their children back to school.


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  1. never thought I will reading a story like this africa its a continent with over 50 countries people should know there facts when doing things

  2. Why are you embarrasing yourselves . This so called USA is exhibiting the highest level of ignorance.

  3. fear is not the best way to fight ebola.my mother land has not recorded any ebola case,we should be the ones more worried than U S A which has recorded two deaths from ebola,

  4. thats very silly and frastatratingts coz no one wan ts that deadly ebola. but we shud work together t to help the disease not spread. but those pulling out their children i say f*****k u M*****f**ers

  5. never thought these americans could be so dumb. i knew they were fools but with all the technology they have they couldn’t do a bit of research…

  6. Just because one is white (if there is any ‘white’ person) does not mean they are educated. Some are just as uneducated as our fore-fathers in the villages

  7. Those parents don’t even know where Zambia is. Hope the principle had a wonderful visit to our Ebola free country!

  8. Zambia the blessed country is Ebola free,not even a single case but USA they have recorded atleast a DEATH

  9. Ignorance is deadly. Poor parents should learn to research before they act. There’s no ebola in Zambia not even a single case as is in their country. Let them withdraw their children from there as well

  10. Well, this is really wierd – a sign of ignorance on how large the African continent is and where ebola has been manifesting. Someome dies in Dallas, USA from Ebola, should all no Americans also run away from America? The World health Organisation needs more information to be shared with the public to avoid this kind of panic.

    • indeed……its sad how ignorant people can be. Havent they heard of people dying of ibola in their country? yet theyve not made a ran for it. I wish people would actually realise that when death knocks, you cant stop it, anything can kill you lol