Nawakwi proposes women-only hospitals

Edith Z Nawakwi- 2014-05-17 at 11.00.44 AM
Edith Z Nawakwi- 2014-05-17 at 11.00.44 AM

FORUM for Democracy and Development (FDD) president Edith Nawakwi has called on Government to build hospitals exclusively for women.
“We need a hospital for women’s issues only instead of sharing hospital beds and wards between male and female patients,” she said.
Ms Nawakwi was speaking on Sky FM radio, when commenting on the 2015 budget and state of the economy.
“We cannot continue to allow our mothers to deliver babies on the floor after 50 years of independence because we do not have enough maternity facilities, “she said.
Ms Nawakwi said government should consider putting up more health infrastructure to carter for women and children.


Zambia Daily Mail


  1. My sister doesn’t want to hear male ward, female ward, kids wards in the same building.

  2. Guys Nawakwi is saying something right but the reporters have reported a wrong thing! Zambian reportes! Mbo

  3. I think what is needed is distinct male, female and children’s wards in areas where they may not exist. Men also need health care just as much as women do, in fact I would advocate the introduction of men’s clinics especially for for sexual and reproductive health to cut down on the thousands of pamphlets we see promoting traditional medicine for “manhood” issues.

  4. No data banawakwi…speaking as if you have never been minister of Finance…why mischanelling funds at the expense of teking hospitals for people in rural areas who need evn just mere panadol..olo nibu opposition bwine!