Big Brother hotshots: Blame It On The Good Samaritan

Big Brother hotshots: Blame It On The Good Samaritan
Big Brother hotshots: Blame It On The Good Samaritan

Just when we thought morning brought with it clarity and calm it broke with a baffling turn for Idris. Last night JJ fell out with Tayo and Alusa came to his defence. Idris tried to put the fires out but surprisingly put himself in the line of JJ’s wrath for it, this morning.  

Tayo had never hidden his suspicions of JJ – expressing in one of his Diary sessions that JJ was “dangerous” and not to be trusted. From last week’s Extravaganza task when JJ took the lead, things continued to bubble under until they reached boiling point last night.

When the squabble got louder and physical threats flew across opposite ends of the room, Idris, playing the good guy, intercepted the warring parties in a bid to curtail the violence. Like any reasoning fellow would do, correct? Not so much it turned out.

According to a perturbed JJ, Idris should have stayed out of it. He accused Idris of fuelling the fires instead of putting them out. Bewildered, by what seemed to be a slap in his face, Idris retorts he meant no agitation by it – he was merely trying to calm things down.

JJ, still reeling from last night’s emotion, insisted the confrontation only went awry when Idris decided to butt his head in. He even accused JJ of not be loyal or a brother.

Again the peace-maker, Idris promptly apologised to JJ before spiking his already quick temper. He then approached Alusa to sound out how puzzling he found it that JJ was blaming him for an altercation he tried to break.

But Tayo, choosing to let bygones be bygones, sat next to JJ and the others and enjoyed a fat chat about the music industry over tea and breakfast.

We have to wonder, however, was this just a case of boys being boys? Was it all a publicity stunt herded by some as part of a strategy? Only time would tell.

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